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There is no excuse to remain with Jam’iyyah Ihyaa’ at-Turaath, Kuwait – Explained by Shaykh Sulayman Ar Ruhaylee

January 19, 2014 Comments off

The following is a summary translation

Shaykh Sulayman Ar Ruhaylee:

I know Jam’iyyah Ihyaa’ at-Turaath and I know all of its subsidiary branches. At any rate, I say in summary; after their views have been made clear there does not remain any excuse for anyone to remain with Ihyaa’ at-Turaath, this is the synopsis. There remains no excuse. The condition of Ihyaa’ at-Turaath has been completely clarified and it has been clarified they will not accept (advice in this manner) and it is possible to advise them from the outside. I am not saying do not advise Ihyaa’ at-Turaath, but I am saying advise them from the outside, because the harm of remaining with them is greater than the benefit.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

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al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun only care about positions, parliaments, votes etc – Imam al-Albani

July 1, 2013 Comments off

Scholar: Imâm Muhammad Nâsir-ud-Dîn al-Albânî
Source: Silsilat-ul-Hudâ wan-Nûr (166)


Have you heard of the book about politics [probably Fusûl min as-Siyâsah] by Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahmân ‘Abdul-Khâliq?

Shaykh al-Albânî:

There are remarks (made) about that book. We consider that it is too early to engage in politics. Thereupon I fear that the brothers in Kuwait will become just as al-Ikhwân al-Muslimûn; they do not care about Da’wah nor about tasfiyyah (purifying the Religion from all the spurious elements that have entered it) and tarbiyyah (educating and cultivating the Muslims upon this purified Islâm). They only care about politics, positions, votes, parliaments and the like.

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September 16, 2012 Comments off

GET OUT of my house O’ Person of Innovation

March 15, 2012 2 comments

Abdur-Rahmân ’Abdul-Khâliq and Abû Ishâq al-Huwaynî are Mubtadi’ah – Sheikh Muqbil

February 21, 2012 3 comments

Scholar: ´Allâmah Muqbil bin Hâdî al-Wâdi´î
Reference: Darulhadith, Sweden

Shaykh Muqbil: ’Abdur-Rahmân ’Abdul-Khâliq and Abû Ishâq al-Huwaynî are considered Mubtadi’ah (innovators). That’s right. The same goes for Safar [al-Hawâlî] and Salmân [al-‘Awdah]. Even they are to be deemed as Mubtadi’ah. The same goes for the journal ‘as-Sunnah’ that adapts itself to innovations; it is run by Muhammad Surûr, the one and those who run it. It is considered to be a journal for innovations.


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