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Barelwi Dance Rituals, Prostrations (Sujud) to Tahir Al-Qadri and the View of the Hanafi Jurists on Prostration to Other Than Allaah

Barelwi Dance Rituals, Prostrations (Sujud) to Tahir Al-Qadri and the View of the Hanafi Jurists on Prostration to Other Than Allaah

Prostration is from the greatest of forms of worship and is due only to Allaah alone, and after the Shari’ah of Islam was revealed, what was permitted in previous nations (of prostration of respect and welcome greeting) was prohibited and declared unlawful, and the Scholars of Islam explain it to be major shirk when offered to other than Allaah. In the Barelwi folk-religion, prostration to their pirs, walis and others in whom a belief of guaranteed intercession is held, is common and encouraged. We have here a video clip (we cannot show it as it has music and dancing) and in a period of less than four minutes, we see six devotees making sujud at the feet of Tahir al-Qadri, a leading figure in the Barelwi folklore religion. Let us take a look at these prostrations:

Read the Full Article with Pictures here :

Watch the Video ( Mute the sound as it is full of music with dancing)

[Alternative Video Link]

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

he is the spiritual leader of the organisation called ‘’Minhaaj UL Qur’aan’’. He is yet another extreme philosophical sofee who utilizes weak and fabricated ahaadith to justify seeking aid from the dead.

Likewise, he is an open caller to the unity of religions and refers to the yahood and nasaarah as believing bros and sisters of the muslims.

We seek Allah’s protection from the trial of the callers to misguidance.

Abdullaah Gambi

As sallam ualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

“Dr. Taahir-ul-Qaadree used to claim back in the day that the Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihee wa sallam) would visit him whist he was in the state of being awake (and not just in a dream as most deviants claim!!!). He also said that the Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihee wa sallam)was the one who told him to set up his unruly organisation Minhaaj-ul-Quran!!! This claim to seeing the Prophet (sallalahu alaihee wa sallam)seems to be something hereditary as he also claims that his father was visited by the Prophet (sallalahu alaihee wa sallam)whilst making I’tikaaf during layla-tul-Qadr!!! There are also many other instances of this man mentioning such nonsensical babble. This information is taken from an Urdu publication entitled ‘Wahdat’ 12 July 1993, issue No.3 which was printed in Manchester.

In this issue there is also a picture shown of Taahir-ul-Qaadree alongside Pakistani women without Hijaab, but I suppose that this is minor when we consider his aqeedah and Tawheed related deviations.

At one point in the past he was seen as a ‘leader’ of the bareilwees, but in light of the fact that nowadays that this deviant sect has itself split up into different faction – with each faction rejoicing with that which it has  – this appelation no longer applies. Instead, he is now known as Sheikh-ul-Islaam by his ignorant followers, as I remember seeing in one of their pathetic newsletters!!!

May Allah save us from the likes of these ‘people’. Aameen.

Abu Yusuf

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