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Shaykh Maher al-Qahtaany speaks concerning the affair of Mishary Rasheed al-‘Afaasy

November 26, 2012

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Translated Version of the Shaykh Maher al-Qahtaany’s Speech:


And in this occasion i want to mention many matters which people have sung and all of that is due to desires and a love of listening to impermissible singing is centralized within them. So you find them signing the Talbiyyah (labbayk Allaahumma labbayk) and this is innovated. And they will sing even in sending the Salaat upon the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in the mobile phones and it recently came from al-‘Afaasy al-Khabeeth (filthy) and other than them, I think the singing of the Adkhaar (remembrance) of the morning and evening. So this al-‘Afaasy has now permitted listening to singing for the caller to Allaah. He is saying, “There is nothing wrong in Music if it’s sung for da’wah (calling) to Allaah”.

And it has come from some of the Sahaabah (companions) which is evidence for using the nickname ‘khabeeth’ (filthy), so he saw a person who was sitting and giving the khutbah (sermon) as it comes in Saheeh Muslim and other than it. He said “Look at this khabeeth (filthy person) differing with the Sunnah, he’s giving a khutbah and he is sitting down.” So this is a proof of the use of the nickname “khabeeth” for the one who differs with the Sunnah, specifically if he innovated a despicable innovation, more despicable than that innovation which was invented by that person during the time of that companion when he gave a khutbah while seated.

So this al-‘Afaasy invented singing, or permitting singing and music in giving da’wah to Allaah and he has boasted that and his statements are published and well-known.

So we fear (from following) these innovated statements in Islaam and we call to Allaah based on what the noble Companions called to without following the innovations in the religion because the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said that whoever introduces something into this religion what is not from it will have it rejected. Na’am (yes).

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