Shaykh Muhammad Al Imaam: Amr Khalid doesn’t consider Iblis to be a kaafir

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Indeed it’s found on a tape of Amr Khalid from his website entitled “Adam and Eve” where he said: “Iblis didn’t disbelieve.” Then he continues “Here is another meaning with a beautiful reality we ask did Iblis disbelieve in our Lord or not? Pay attention! No he didn’t disbelieve, no he didn’t disbelieve. Look! What did Iblis say? “You created me.” So did he acknowledge that Allah created him or not? Isn’t that right? Also didn’t he say “You created me from fire?” He said you created him from clay thus you created me and him. Yet in another verse he says I swear by your honor and never stopped acknowledging Allah’s honor!”

Ash Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin was asked “O shaykh what is the ruling on the one who says Iblis is not a disbeliever and that he swore by Allah’s honor?

The shaykh responded: “Allah said:
“إلا إبليس أبى و استكبر و كان من الكافرين “

“Except for Iblis. He refused and was arrogant and became of the disbelievers” [Al-Baqarah:34}

So the one who says Iblis is not a kaafir then repentence being sought from him is compulsory, and if he doesn't repent then he is killed for denying the Quran. As for him swearing by Allah's honor then it was done because he knows that Allah is Aziz thus he swore by His honor. And Allah says:
"كمثل الشيطان إذ قال للإنسان اكفر فلما كفر قال إني برئٌ منك إني أخاف الله رب العالمين"

"Like the example of Shaytan when he says to man, "Disbelieve." But when he disbelieves he says, "Indeed, I am disassociated from you. Indeed, I fear Allah Lord of all that exist." [Al-Hashr:16]

However this fear isn’t considered worship. This fear is like when we fear a wolf or some beast of prey, etc. So tell the brother (who makes this evil, ignorant, and misguided claim) to repent to Allah and to not deny the speech of Allah :
“إلا إبليس أبى و استكبر و كان من الكافرين”

“Except for Iblis. He refused and was arrogant and became of the disbelievers” [Al-Baqarah:34}

(End of shaykh Uthaymin's statement)

Thus these verses prove that Iblis disbelieved. The most famous of the disbelievers on Earth since the start of kufr is Iblis, because Allah says:
"قال اخرج منها مذءوماً مدحوراَ لمن تبعك منهم لأملأن جهنم منكم أجمعبن "

"(Allah) said, "Depart from it (Paradise), reproached and expelled. Whoever follows you among them - I will surely fill Hell with you, all together." [Al-A'raf:18]

Consequently; every disbeliever on the face of the earth is a follower of Iblis. Every disbelieving nation is from his followers. So how is it that someone can be ignrant to the fact that Iblis disbelieved?!
مأخوذ من كتاب إعانة الاماجد ببيان حال عمرو خالد
ترجمة: نجيب بن يوسف الأنجلسي

Translated by Najeeb Al Angelesi

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