Refutation Of the Deviant Yasir Qadhi – by Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis

[Question 8:]

What should we do with the book ‘Du’aa in the Light of the Sunnah’ of Yaasir Qadhee, was it written when he was fine; should I burn it?

[Answer by 'Abdul-Hakeem:] The question, ya ikhwaan, is: was Yaasir Qadhi ever “fine”? My experience with Yaasir Qadhi, ya ikhwaan, I was a classmate of Yaasir Qadhi. From the time that Yaasir Qadhi arrived at al-Jami’ Islamiyaah, we were classmates, ikhwaan, for a number of years. So I know Yaasir Qadhi, ya ikhwaan, on a very personal level. And I sat, and advised him on more than four or five separate occasions [regarding] issues related to these same issues we are discussing. Many years later, after him returning to the west and him giving da’wah and inevitably him falling into the same exact things we advisd him [about], we see ikhwan, there is no change….

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