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[Video] The Evil Results of a Scholar of Innovation (MUST SEE)

December 13, 2011

Shaykh Muhammed al-Aqeel – dusunnah.com @daarussunnah

Please find below the transcript of what Shaykh Muhammad (ibn Abdul-Wahaab al-Aqeel حفظه الله تعالى) says:

“Point Number Six:  Knowing the scholars of Sunnah and to follow them and Knowing the scholars of innovation and to warn against them.

This is a fundamental principle from the Six Fundamentals which Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahaab mentioned in his book: “The Six Fundamental Principles”.  We have now embarked upon this problem.  We perceive every individual who wears a cloak (as the Scholars of Saudi Arabia do) to be a “Shaykh”.  Every individual who puts on a cloak, we think he is a scholar.  (We think) anyone who records a tape (of himself) and distributes it amongst the people is a “Shaykh” and anyone who receives permission to deliver a lecture is a “Shaykh” and anyone who appears on a satellite channel is a “Shaykh” and anyone who writes a book is a “Shaykh”.

No, my beloved ones!  No! Never! Never!  This is “Red death” (clear danger) and this is a test, Allaah the All-Mighty says:  “And thus do We explain the Ayaat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) in detail, that the way of the Mujrimoon (criminals, polytheists, sinners), may become manifest.”

And the Prophet said: “Indeed Allah does not snatch away the knowledge from the servants but He takes away knowledge by taking away the scholars – until when there is no scholar remaining the people will take the ignorant ones as heads, so they are asked and give verdict without knowledge so they go astray and lead others astray.”

Now there is a problem which is more dangerous than the scholars of innovation (more dangerous) is the scholar who on what is apparent (fashions) the Sunnah but speaks well of the scholars of innovation.  This one is “Orange death” (ambiguous danger).

This is the scholar who apparently is a person of Sunnah, He wears a scarf m puts on a cloak and appears on satellite channels.  Rather, he may appear on the first and second Saudi channels (Prime channels). The news and general channels and Islamic channels, there are many.

He is interviewed by sinners and pious people (both male and female) sometimes he would be interviewed by half-naked women and yet he would still choose to appear (on the programme).

The problem with this scholar is a different type.  He always speaks of the Sunnah and his speech is emotional.  Those who know him (from the people of knowledge) know that he is not from the people of pure Sunnah, although he maybe from the people of Sunnah in general.

The lay-men think he is from the people of pure Sunnah because his speech is polite and nice.  He speaks of good manners such as obedience to parents and maintaining ties of kinship and he pretends to cry for Islam (expressing sincerity).  However when one of the Muslim youth approaches him and questions him about a person (of innovation) asking: “Should I read his books?”  He replies: “YES”.

He never comments on those channels on the statements of so-and-so.  If he did and he spoke negatively of the statement of so-and-so then he would not appear on the TV channels again, never.  They would ban him.

Because the statement of so-and-so is dangerous, it is takfeer and he calls the society disbelievers.  For that reason, he would not dare say: “So-and-so (takfeeri) said…” on the satellite channels, although they do say it through other mediums such as radio channels and newspapers, but as for the TV they have not dared yet.  They do not say: “So-and –so (takfeeri) said …”

So the righteous young man approaches him and asks:  “Should I listen to so-and-so?” and he would reply:  “Yes, listen to him…” Then when he questions: “OK Shaykh, what about those people that criticise him!“  He replies: “Leave them, there is no good in them, they are Jaameeyah (those that blindly follow of Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee.”

So he attaches the young man to the callers to takfeer and suicide operations and in turn he acts like he didn’t call to takfeer and suicide operations.

However, the one who guides to good is like the one who performs it.  “The one who revives a goof act in Islam shall have its reward and the reward of those who acted upon it (without them losing any of their reward) until the Day of Judgement and whoever revives an evil deed in Islam, shall have its sin and the sin of those people who act upon it until the Day of Judgement.”

Yes, you did not call anyone a kaafir and you did not encourage anyone to blow up anything, likewise, you did not say rebel against this country with weapons but you have praised a caller who performs takfeer and encourages blowing up things and says that it is permissible to rebel against this country with weapons.  Do you see the danger?!!

So now, did you call (this individual) to guidance or misguidance?  Do you cooperate with him in goodness and piety or upon sin and transgression?  This group is the most dangerous.  Allow me (to say) they are: “Red Death Doubled” (extremely dangerous).

Yes, by Allah! We have not found a solution for these people because the general folk and many from the wise-men of this country, including scholars trust them due to the fact that they change their colours.  In front of this country he has one face and in front of the youth he has another face.

So the affair of the development of this Ummah; it will not develop except through the pious scholars who only show one face (to everyone). This Ummah will not develop through two-faced people.  This Ummah will not develop except through the scholars who call to the Sunnah and to the scholars of Sunnah and at the same time warn against innovation and its people.

The Salaf used to say: “Do not sit will the people of innovation so that they do not cause diseases to enter into your hearts, and this evil scholar says: “Read the books of so-and-so (an innovator) and how beautiful is the speech of so-and-so.”   You would see him with an innovator appearing on a channel together and they would have their pictures taken together.

He (the innovator) has a shaven beard and his garments ate below his ankles and he is in a state that only Allah knows, and he also sits with the one who said:  “Iblees did not disbelieve O people.”

So now, did you not cause a calamity for the Ummah? You have now forbidden the youth from taking from the scholars of Sunnah and called them to take from the scholars of innovation.  Woe to you on the Day of Judgement. By Allah you will indeed bear its responsibility.

By Allah, our youth did not blow up places and did not make takfeer except by the fatawa of people they thought to be scholars of else how would a Muslim youth kill or blow himself up?  How can a Muslim youth blow up the capital of Islam today – al-Riyadh?   How can he blow it up except with the help of a scholar who is wearing the garments of the scholars and satellite channel on which he appears?

Who came with this idea (of terrorism and suicide operations), cultivated it and presented it to the people?  Who caused the young men to ignore the verdicts of the Committee of Major Scholars?  The Committee of Major Scholars say:  “Do not call people (Muslims) disbelievers, do not cause damage and do not bomb places, do not go to Iraq, it is fitnah, it is fitnah!!”

Those young men ignore the verdicts of the Committee of Major Scholars, likewise they ignore the verdicts of the Muftee (of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) likewise the statements of those scholars that follow the Sunnah.  So they blow themselves upon and make takfeer on societies, their fathers, grandfathers and their country.  They would make the claim that they are holding onto the flag of knowledge and then kill themselves.

Do you think they took their ideologies from the singers or dancers?  Never!  They took them from people whom they thought were students of knowledge who were praised and for that reason the Ummah will not develop except when we make clear the difference between pious scholars and the scholars of innovation who are to be abandoned even if his beard comes down to his belly button or it covers his chest.

Appearance does not matter.  The main concern is to follow the correct way and this is a fundamental principle which Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahaab mentions in the “Six Fundamental Principles”.

This is what broke the backs of your brothers (the people of Sunnah). Those du’aat (callers) who are waiting to ambush the people of Sunnah and those who show enmity between this country and the people of Sunnah.  They try to create enmity between the layman and the people of Sunnah.

Advertisements of the people upon the Sunnah are ripped down and their lectures are cancelled.  They get cursed even though they (the ones cursing) do not know them (the people of Sunnah), haven’t even seen them and do not even know their fathers.  This is because they hear some people say:  “He is Jaamee!  Do not attend his lessons and do not listen to his talks.”

As for the callers to innovation and misguidance and anasheed; in Qaseem, for example, in the country of Tawheed (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) they now have anasheed competitions, the naseeds of the Soofiyyah, Hizbiyyah and anasheeds of takfeer.  They have this in Qaseem, now “A competition for Anasheed”.

Our major scholars say it is an innovation and misguidance, their statements are ignored and they have stated a competition for takfeeri anasheeds which filled up the hearts of the youth with a grudge against the scholars and against this country.  They have filled the hearts of the youth with innovations, fake spirituality and fairy-tales.  They have occupied the youth with these anasheed and have turned them away from the Book of Allah.

Nowadays you have satellite channels, conferences and prizes and such-and-such nasheed artist.  They have indeed ignored the verdicts of the Committee of Major Scholars.

Why, because of the presence of evil scholars who have made such affairs easy for them.”

Transcript Courtesy : Abu Bilaal Nahim @  http://groups.google.com/group/ksa_dawah?pli=1

  1. December 13, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    Ya Rab, SubhanAllah may Allah protect us and have mercy on us ameen

  2. AfghanSalafi
    December 14, 2011 at 12:18 am

    Do you have the whole lecture translated of Usool sittah tought by Shaykh Muhammed Al Aqeel. Please upload and send to the mailinglist and/or twitter.

    • January 7, 2012 at 10:40 pm

      AsSalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
      I do not have akhee, insha Allah will try to get the same and upload whenever available,
      Barakallaah Feekum

  3. Abu Amir Al Hasan AsSalafi
    December 14, 2011 at 4:30 am

    Yaa Muqallibal Quloob Thabbit Qalbee ‘alaa Deenik.

  4. samir
    December 14, 2011 at 4:35 am

    Alhamdullilah The truth is coming stronger day by day and Allah is exposing the real scholars to the Ummah day after day .Alhamdullilah thumma Alhamdullilah

  5. Salim
    December 14, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Allahu Akbar….. We seek protection from Allah from the “Double Red Danger”.

  6. Sk
    November 15, 2012 at 2:49 am

    Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah , can you pls guide us , or name few scholars of bidda’a .. I seek protection of Allah Subhanaho Ta’Ala from sorts of evil .. But kindly guide and name few at least ..
    What is takfeer??
    Jazak Allaho Khairan

  7. Chen Wei Huang
    December 4, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Jazakulahir for the great audio translation! But I wonder does the scholar mentioning about Nasheed is haram and… a innovation??? I am a bit confused on that….

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