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Who are the Houthis ? – by Shaykh Zayd Al Madhkhali

November 30, 2011

Shaykh Zayd (may Allah preserve him) said:

These Houthis who are present today, they are nothing more than Khawaarij and Raafidah. They brought together two destructive sects. From them are the Raafidah and from them are the Khawaarij. For this reason they harm the Muslims with the most severe harm, without any justification or validation. Nothing appears from them except harm upon the Muslims, and hindering Islam and the Muslims.

They preferred that the battle field would be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the place where Allah the Blessed and Exalted has given success to the rulers, scholars and people. He gave them success to the correct sound Aqeedah and sound methodology, and success to establish the rights of Allah and the laws of Allah.

All of this enrages them. Thus they mobilized their military campaign, but Allah repelled their plot back down their throats. And He caused their war preparation and organization to become annihilation upon them.

And like this; the transgressor will not be successful over the one who does not transgress anyone. It is not known that the Kingdom of Saudi, by way of its’ rulers, scholars, or people, transgress anyone. They do not transgress countries or groups, but rather they are transgressed upon and they are patient until the confrontation cease to exist.

So I ask Allah the Mighty and Majestic to assist the truth and its’ people and that He humiliate the transgressors those who wish to destroy Islam and bring harm to the Muslims.

Translator’s note: Saudi was involved in a border war with the Houthis in 2009
Translated by Rasheed Barbee
Source : http://mtws.posterous.com

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Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee calls people of Yemen to Jihaad against Raafidah (Shee’ah) Houthis

The following is a summary translation of some of the major points of Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee (hafidhahullaah) taken from sahab.net.  Written on the 3rd of Muharram, 1433

After beginning with praise of Allah and prayers upon our Messenger Shaykh Muhammadbin Haadee said:

“Verily from that which sadness us and hurts us o brothers and sons, is what we have heard concerning what has befallen our brothers from Ahlus Sunnah, our brothers in faith, in Damaj As Sunnah in the land of Yemen. From the Raafidah Houthis whoare the enemies of Allaah and His Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم and the enemies of the companions of the Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم, رضوان الله عليهم أجمعين.

They are the enemies of Ahlus Sunnah in every place and every time. And this is not strange coming from them, because for certainty, no calamity has befallen Islam or the Muslims except that the Raafidah assisted and joined forces with the enemies of Islam against the Muslims; and this is well known throughout history. And theone who looks at history will know that what I am saying is the truth.

This groupis called the Houthis by the people today, and they are Raafidah. We have heard, and we know from their statements that which proves their deviance, their filthy ‘Aqeedah, and their hatred for the Muslims. There is no doubt, if animosity is based on worldly affairs, then there is hope that it will go awayand be resolved. As for animosity for the Deen (religious matters) or based upon the Deen, then there is no hope that it will change regardless of how much time passes. The poet spoke the truth when he said:

Every animosity may become cordial ***Except for the animosity from your enemy in religion.

Thus, this group: their enmity for the people of Islam is clear, and deeply rooted since long ago. Therefore do not be surprised by their actions today, because in reality they wait for these opportunities to attack the people of Islam and the people of faith. Before, by the permission of Allaah the Exalted, they were prevented by the presence of a government, but now there is no government. They gained influence in the province of Sada while they attempted to establish agovernment that would be specifically for them, by them and no one who be allowed to participate. Thus those who remained in this province from Ahlus Sunnah would be at their mercy. And they know the impact and affect that Ahlus Sunnah has upon the people.

And they surely fear this Markaz (center of learning) that Allaah the Glorified and Exalted has brought by way of it, tremendous benefits, enlightenment, insight and vision by the hand of that Shaykh, the Caller, the Mujaahid, the one who patiently sought Allaah’s reward, Shaykh Muqbil Abu ‘Abdur Rahman Al Waadi’ee. May Allaah have mercy upon him, forgive him, be pleased with him, and enlighten his face in the gardens of paradise.

Since day one, when the foot of this man touched down in this land of his, he established the call to Allaah the Blessed and Exalted. And this enraged them (the Raafidah), but they were prevented – as we said before – due to the presence of a government. This is from the benefits of having a leader even if he persecutes and oppresses. The people will not rectify or establish their affairs without leaders, kings and rulers – even if they oppress; because by Allaah, the good that Allaah brings by way of them is more than their corruption.

[Translator’s note: The Shaykh continued to explain the benefits of having a Muslim ruler and then he said…]

Therefore, surely it is obligatory upon all of Ahlus Sunnah in Yemen to rush to assist their brothers. Whoever has the ability to help, then do not delay! Assist them with your wealth and assist them physically if you are able, if you are notable to assist them physically then assist them with your wealth. And to leave them in this condition while it has reached the extent to what we have heardconcerning the news of our brothers in Damaj, I swear by Allaah this is a shameand a disgrace upon Ahlus Sunnah, and upon Yemen, and the military of theSunnah and the Qur`an in Yemen. It is a shame and disgrace if they do not torush to help their brothers; and it is obligatory upon them to help them.

[Translator’s note: The Shaykh continued to incite Ahlus Sunnah in Yemen to rush to help our brothers in Damajwhile mentioning the disgrace in forsaking them; and then he said…]

And let them know without a doubt, that Damaj is us and we are Damaj against these filthy, grimy Raafidah. And enmity against them (Damaj) is enmity against us all. Thisis because they did not intend Damaj because it is Damaj, but rather they intended Damaj due to the Sunnah and the Islam within Damaj, the faith which spreads from it, and the Da’wah established there. Due to them correcting the Aqeedah of the people, enlightening the people to the worship of Allaah alone without partners, and clarifying the corrupted methodologies that oppose what the Messenger of Allaah, peace and blessings are upon him, and his companions were upon.

And from the vilest of methodologies is the methodology of the Raafidah – these Houthis Raafidah. The proof of that is their being supported by ‘Iran, and praised by ‘Iran, supported by Hezbollat in Lebanon and them supporting Hezbollat, Hezbollat praising them, and their praising of Hezbollat. (Translator’s note: The Shaykh calls them the party of the pagan god Al-Laat, instead of the party of Allaah) Thus, they do not help anyone except for those upon their same Deen.

Therefore if this is their help for those upon falsehood, then why is Ahlus Sunnah reluctant?! Why is Ahlus Sunnah delaying?! This is not permissible. Especially since the war has started and it has reached the level that we have heard concerning the killing of our brothers in Islam and faith, killing twenty-four of them. By ‘Asr prayer, they had prayed on twenty-one of those killed, and the blockade continues. This blockade has gone on for a long time, close to forty days or more. One grain does not enter Damaj and one chicken cannot come out. All of this is only intended to eradicate the people of Islam and faith. Is this not enough?! This is enough for the one who has a heart or gives ear while he is heedful.

Thus it is obligatory upon the people of Yemen to not hesitate; rather they should strive and rush. Let them know that the time to help their brothers is right now! They have to defend the Deen, because the intent (behind the attack) is the Deen, as I said before.”

Translator’s note: The Shaykh continued, and then concluded by making several du’aas for our brothers andsisters in Damaj, and making du’a against the criminal Raafidah.

Translated by: Rasheed Barbee

Source: http://mtws.posterous.com/shaykh-muhammad-bin-haadee-calls-upon-yemen-t


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